Dark shift of ages

from by The Maggoty Brats



On the road to the cemetary
bushes were lit on fire
then out of the dark came a stranger,
then another one.
The first one was all big and strong,
the second one, tall and thin.
One was dressed in a pitch black suit,
the other one in green.

At first they stood on their steady feet,
a star above their heads,
but when they knocked that bottle
all morals were left for dead.
They had herb and fruit flavored alcohol
and pistols in their hands.
Although they never meant no harm,
a young man bled to death.

The pipers and the dancers were staring at the night,
waiting for an angel to fall down from the sky.
The children of the syphilis, they prayed in the rain,
and wished upon a shooting star to take away the pain.

From the feathers of the phœnix
to the flames of the Hades.
From the beam out of the lighthouse
to a dark shift of ages.
There was a chimp holding an accordeon
that I saw one day,
all covered in chains and leather bands
but oh boy, he could play.


from Folklore Noir, released January 6, 2015
Music and lyrics by The Maggoty Brats



all rights reserved


The Maggoty Brats Québec, Québec

"Wake your ass up, work your day through and drink your night away~~~ And believe me friend, there is no worst pain~~~ than staring through the pub window, one brand new day.~~~"

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