Elvis in Wonderland

from by The Maggoty Brats



The children of misfortune, the tortured and the unholy fed
were playing a game summoning the Angels of Death.
They spilled wine over oil over corn on the t.v. set.
And they whispered the names of well known undead vets.

The All-seeing kids, they turned the t.v. on.
They had to pray for the things they have done.
A salvation remotely controlled.
So you will never be alone.

Elvis in Wonderland

The better the man, the bitter his feelings are.
Like any Sunday, he’s reading the Bible on his VCR.
He is having Wine with the arrogants and Bread with the barely sane.
He is wearing black on any sunny day and white only when it rains.

He took the kids home and they had a party there.
He gave them presents and kisses on their hands.
And through the cellar door he pushed them down the stairs.
Then he shot them at point blank.

Elvis in Wonderland


from Folklore Noir, released January 6, 2015
Music and lyrics by The Maggoty Brats



all rights reserved


The Maggoty Brats Québec, Québec

"Wake your ass up, work your day through and drink your night away~~~ And believe me friend, there is no worst pain~~~ than staring through the pub window, one brand new day.~~~"

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